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White Line Enterprises, Inc.

White Line Enterprises, Inc.

White Line Screen Printing

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The artwork is the first step in providing our customers a great piece of wearable art.  There are thousands of ready-made pieces of clip-art and templates available, and over 2000 fonts from which to choose.  have our in-house graphic artists create something new to suit your taste. Just provide us with your thoughts or sketch.

Some bits of information the customer needs to provide is:

   - Where do you want your imprint: front, back, left chest, sleeve, leg, etc?

   - How many colors in each design?

   - What color(s) of shirts to be printed?

   - And all the information that needs to be presented in each design.

With that information, our art department can design a unique piece of artwork to suit the needs of the customer.

Other things to keep in mind:

    When screen printing on dark colored items, usually an under-base of white ink is recommended to keep the image bright.  Certain light inks will allow some of the dark shirt color to show through, thus causing the image to appear darker or duller than intended.  This will increase the number of ink colors by one (1) that can be printed in the design.

    When printing “process colors” (photographic) designs, sometimes an extra highlight white is needed to make the image pop off the shirt.

Screen setup fees:  $20 per screen/color in the design.

Reorder: $8.00 per screen/color.

Artwork fees:  $15 per hour; half hour increments; one hour minimum. The first 30 minutes included in setup.

Ink Color Changes:  $5 per color change during the print run.

Digital Art Guidelines

Artwork is considered “camera ready” when it can be used for prepress and printing without the need for adjustments that may possibly incur added fees or result in delays. When submitting digital art files to White Line Screen Printing, please refer to the below guidelines. If you have any questions call us at 859-613-1231 or email at whiteline@rocketmail.com.

Vector Art Requirements

Vector artwork files must be saved up to Adobe Illustrator® CS2 or CorelDraw® up to Version X5. All text fields must be converted to curves or outlines to prevent font substitutions. Include a proof of your design with color designations to confirm that no font substitutions have occurred. All objects must have at least a 1 pt line thickness to guarantee proper print quality. If the vector file contains any placed raster images, these images must meet or exceed our requirements for resolution when rendered at 100% of the final imprint size. Also, they must be submitted with the original vector file.


Raster Art Requirements

We will accept raster artwork files saved in a .TIF, Encapsulated Post Script (.eps) format, or an Adobe Photoshop® Document (.psd) up to Adobe Photoshop® CS5. For our purposes, all raster elements and art files must be saved at 100% of the final print size with a resolution of at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch).


Preferred Applications

We will accept files saved in Adobe Illustrator® up to Version 12, and Corel Draw® up to Version X5, providing that all text is converted to curves or outlines. We will also accept files saved in Adobe Photoshop® up to Version CS5 at 100% of final print size with a resolution of at least 300 ppi. Jpegs are accepted but may require some touchup time at an hourly art fee. We do NOT accept Word Doc or faxed files.


Font Information

For vector art, text must be converted to paths, curves, or outlines. The text then becomes an object and can no longer be edited as text. Be sure to include a paper proof composite with color call-outs or a. tiff or .jpg thumbnail to ensure no font substitution has taken place.


Line Thickness

All design elements should contain a line thickness of at least 1pt. Failure to assign a 1 pt line thickness to all objects may compromise the final imprint quality.


Spot Colors

Please specify color via PMS spot color designations. Due to hardware and software color calibration considerations, this will allow the best color matching possible.  If you are not tied to specific PMS color, then general ink colors may be specified, ex.: Scarlet Red, Royal Blue, Navy, Yellow, etc.



We will accept DVDs, PC formatted disks, Compact Discs, or USB Jump Drives. If you have zipped files larger than 10MB please forward via conventional mail, priority delivery service.



When sending art via e-mail, send to whiteline@rocketmail.com and attach your zipped file to the e-mail with a detailed account of who you are and what you would like us to do with the attachment(s).



When creating designs for our customers, proofs are a way of assuring that we have set your type correctly and that all of the design elements are placed according to your requirements. A proof will be sent to you online or printed on paper that can be approved at our office or delivered to you. We do not start on your project until you have signed off on a proof.

When artwork has previously been created, proofs are used to ensure that the artwork we have received is the same as artwork the customer wants to be imprinted. Artwork should never be submitted without either a hard copy proof or an electronic .tif or .jpg file.

Please call 859-613-1231, email whiteline@rocketmail.com with any questions you may have regarding digital art. Or we can even arrange for a Skype call.

Thank You!

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